Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T #1 summary post

C 4 TOh my gosh,  I absolutely love the teacher's blog that I was assigned!  Pardon me if I am overly excited, but I really am.  I was a little hesitant to start C4T because I didn't think I would get paired with a teacher that would spark my interest.  Pernille Ripp is a phenomenal 5th grade teacher at West Middleton Elementary located on the outskirts of Madison, WI.  She runs several inspirational blogs, one of which being Blogging through the Fourth Dimension.   Below are two posts I read and left comments...

I Am the Job Creator

Mrs. Ripp gives many reasons why she feels that she is a Job Creator.  Not in a sense that she provides employment but, she spends the money at various establishments that keeps the economy going.

  I said...

GREAT post!!! In society we are both CONSUMERS and PRODUCERS. WE consume the goods and services, but we are also producers because we replenish and keep society afloat. The prime example that you gave in the blog which pertained to going to the mall. You are so right because when I go to the mall and spend money, I'm not necessarily putting the money in their pockets per say, but what I am doing is spending money so that the company can profit to make more good and hire MORE people to sell those goods. Everyone in society is a job creator because if there wasn't a need for it, then their wouldn't be job. I am a JOB CREATOR.

Hello. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am assigned to comment on your blog for a few weeks. You can also visit
my blog.

Do High-tech Gadgets Improve Learning- What a Dumb Question

Time For Kids is a magazine that Mrs. Ripp uses in her classroom to stay current with events around the world. One headline really stuck out to her which read, "Technology Takeover...Schools Nationwide Are Using Technology to Teach Lessons.  But Do High-Tech Gadgets Improve Learning?"  At which she immediately thought- what a dumb question!  She answered and gave her opinion in a post.  This is a topic that starts controversy worldwide.  She argues that gadgets has nothing to do with learning but, its has everything to do with how you use it to facilitate effective learning.

I said...

Excellent post! It really hit home with me. In a course I'm now taking, EDM310, we are learning the importance of integrating technology into our future classrooms and how to do it effectively. Your post fell right on time because the last few assignments given to use are to get us to realize how dumb this question really is. People fail to realize that technology is just a tool. Teachers are still needed to facilitate learning. It's just left up to the teacher to put the driving force behind the tool. I think of it like this, can you sit a lawnmower on the lawn and expect it to mow it? Of course not! So why do some think gadgets work the same? So after watching assigned videos and reading your post, I have come to a conclusion. YES, this is a dumb question! 


  1. Hi Courtney, Thank you so much for reading my blog and being so incredibly generous with your comments. I always encourage others to write from the heart, stay true to themselves, and believe in the kids they teach. It looks like you are on the way to do that. please let me know if there is anything I can ever help with.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Ripp for replying and on my blog. I've never had a teacher to do either. I enjoyed reading all of your blogs. So, I will not be a stranger.

  3. Hello Courtney,
    Your posts to the teacher you were assigned were very detailed. The way you wrote was very exciting. I found myself reading faster after I began. According to the instructions I believe that on your blog post you are meant to summarize two of the teacher’s blog posts. The only other I saw was that one “per say” is actually spelled per se. I am happy that you were assigned such a great teacher.