Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project #13

For this project, we are supposed to post a collaboration on what materials we used for Project #15. For Project #15, my group mostly used text messaging and email. It was neat to know that we didn't have to meet face to face in order to organize this project. So, what are some disadvantages of communicating this way? Let's start with the advantages. First of all, it was easy to type up our ideas and send them to each other. We couldn't use FaceTime because not all of our group members had an iPhone, but we still managed to make it work! The major disadvantage had to do with time. Not everyone in our group had the same schedule, so it was quite difficult for us to be able to respond to one another as soon as something was sent. However, no matter what problems we had, we worked together and made an excellent project in the end!

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