Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blogpost #13

For this blogpost, EDM310 students were banned from use of electronic devices for 24 hrs.  We were to report our results after the third attempt or after successfully completing the exercise. Here are my results....

I believe this assignment was emphasize the importance of technology in today's world.  Technology is a very essential element in our day to day lives.   This exercise was very dificult for me for this very reason. I depend soley on my phone and computer for alot of what I do on a daily basis. I am a full-time student and majority of my school work is done through these devices. In my future classroom, I don't want to deprive my students of something that they are so use to.  I do expect myself to find a balance to faciltate learning with the use of technology.


  1. What happened? Did you make it without using technologies for 24 hours? I will put you in the No category since you did not say and my guess is that you did not make it. You should have made it clear, however, since that is the most important thing for you to have revealed!

  2. Sorry, I did not make it! I thought I put that in the post.